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Cold Trap

Minimum temperature:-110~-30℃

Internal Capacity:2~4L

Cold trap dimension:Φ120×200mm

The cold trap groove is made of 304 stainless steel

Strength guarantee: 20 years of manufacturing experience, 

24-hour after-sales service

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Product Introduction

Low temperature cold trap, used for collecting water vapor and harmful gas discharged from vacuum drying oven or vacuum concentration device, improve the working efficiency of vacuum system and prolong the service life of vacuum pump.

Table type design, suitable for use on the work surface, can also be placed in the fume hood.

Technical Parameters

Product Advantage

Various models available

Various models available

Cold trap temperature -50、-80、-110、-135℃; Cold trap capacity 2、4、6、9、25 liters.

Applicable to high vacuum system

Applicable to high vacuum system

Vacuum cold trap, Cryogenic trap, Temperature stat cold trap.

Various anti-corrosion schemes

Various anti-corrosion schemes

Stainless steel, pure titanium, glass, Teflon coating.

A variety of ultra-low temperature solutions

A variety of ultra-low temperature solutions

Capture, condensation, separation, adsorption、purification,different solutions available.

Product Features

* Stainless steel cold trap, the inner wall is smooth and clean, teflon coating is optional.

* Low limit temperature, improve the recovery of low boiling point solvent and harmful gas collection efficiency.  

* Can be cooled directly in the inner wall of the cold trap, or optional glass condensing collection bottle.  

* A variety of materials are available for cold trap lid, suitable for water, acid, organic solvent gas.

* Equipped with condensate discharge valve for easy collection or discharge.

* Can be used as cryogenic tank, pre-freezing tank, cryogenic container.

* Suitable for rotary evaporator, centrifugal concentrator matching use.


* Cold trap size, interface mode can be customized according to customer needs;  

* Can be customized vacuum sealed cold trap;  

* Can be equipped with a variety of specifications of condensing bottles;  

* Cold trap solvent 4L, 6L, 9L;  

* Minimum temperature -82℃, -100℃, -120℃, -135℃.

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