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How a VaporCold or Polycold Works In Vacuum Coating to Increase Production

Water vapor trapping with a cryogenic surface was a concept developed by Dale Meissner in the 1970's as a way to speed pump down of vacuum chambers and to reduce the base pressure to enhance vacuum coating.

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How to choose the right cold trap temperature

During laboratory evaporation, the main function of the Cold Trap is to collect harmful vapors before they enter the vacuum pump. For a vacuum pump that requires oil, collection of solvent vapors is essential to prevent them from collecting in the vacuum pump’s oil. Also, if corrosive or water vapors collect in pump oil, the vacuum pump will be damaged and eventually the vacuum pump will cease beyond repair.

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Supporting application of ultra-low temperature cold trap in parylene coating equipment

On parylene vacuum coating equipment, a low-temperature trap is required between the coating chamber and the vacuum pump. See the following figure.

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Low temperature baffle and large vacuum system

In large vacuum systems, the vacuum acquisition assembly may be composed of many types of vacuum pumps, and must include the front stage vacuum pump with roots pump.

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Vacuum pump front cold trap (-30 ℃ ~-135 ℃)

In the process of vacuum drying and vacuum distillation, there will be a large amount of steam, and some solvents or steam need to be recovered. Therefore, it is very necessary to install a low-temperature cold trap on the vacuum pipeline. In addition, the low-temperature cold trap has a great suction effect, which will reduce the drying and distillation time.

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