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VaporCold CryoChiller

Working Temperature:-145~-90°C

Maximum Load:300~3500W

Pumping Speed:250000L/sec

Special control circuit, optional RS485

Strength guarantee: 20 years of manufacturing experience, 

24-hour after-sales service

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Product Introduction

Vaporcold is a low-temperature refrigeration system, which collects volatile molecules through the low-temperature condensation effect on the low-temperature surface. It is mainly used to capture water vapor in the vacuum chamber.

VaporCold working principle: place the low-temperature coil below -100 ℃ in the vacuum chamber, quickly capture the residual gas of the vacuum system through the low-temperature condensation effect on its surface, so as to greatly shorten the vacuum pumping time, obtain a clean vacuum environment, improve the output and quality of products, and obtain higher commodity value.

VPC series water vapor catcher uses its own core technology and mature design scheme. All models use a single compressor, environmentally friendly mixed refrigerant, automatic cascade refrigeration, fast refrigeration speed, high efficiency, low temperature and convenient maintenance.

Technical Parameters

 Model     Working Temperature
Maximum Load
Pumping Speed
Cryocoil Surface
Cryocoil Tube O.D.
Cryocoil Tube Length
Precooling Time
Defrost Time
(min )
VPC-500 -90~-135 500 48000 0.2 Φ12 6 ≤30 N/A 500X550x1200
VPC-1200 -100~-145 1200 74000 0.5 Φ12 14 ≤30 ≤4 750X900x1650
VPC-1800 -100~-145 1800 104000 1.0 Φ16 20 ≤30 ≤4 750X920x1650
VPC-3500 -100~-145 3500 250000 2.0 Φ16 40 ≤40 ≤4 750X920x1650
VPC-4200 -100~-145 4200 298000 2.5 Φ16 50 ≤40 ≤4 750×935×1750

Product Advantage

Refrigeration system

Refrigeration system

Optimum design of refrigeration system, efficient and reliable, synchronized with international technology, four-level overlapping technology, refrigeration and defrosting integration.

Control system

Control system

Perfect control system designed for low temperature. Functions include: self-test, monitoring, remote control, this control, communication, alarm.

Data record

Data record

The temperature and pressure of 5~8 channels are fully monitored and recorded, and the historical data can be queried.

Front valve box

Front valve box

The valve box is arranged at the front of the machine, which is safe and convenient without climbing; Effectively manage the condensate in the valve box to avoid deterioration of refrigeration performance.

Product Features

* Rapid cooling and heating, can continuously raise temperature.

* Wide temperature control range, the whole process does not need to replace the thermal conductivity medium, thermal conductivity medium consumption is less.

* Closed circulation of thermal conductivity medium, ensuring the safety and life of thermal conductivity medium.

* High temperature precooling and refrigeration, can be directly cooled from high temperature.

* Refrigeration heat exchanger adopts brazed plate heat exchanger, small space, high heat exchange efficiency.

* High temperature, emergency stop, leakage, over current, overheating and other multiple protection, fully ensure the use of safety. 

* High head design, to meet the long-distance transmission of thermal medium.

* Liquid level direct display function, monitoring liquid level at any time, to avoid liquid shortage operation.

* Optional alarm interface optional RS485 communication, easy to connect.

Other description

* Fast refrigeration speed, high efficiency, low temperature;

* Rapid capture of vacuum system residual gas;

* Small size, save vacuum time, beautiful and practical;

* Adopt single compressor, environment-friendly mixed refrigerant; 

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